December Android/iOS Coding Contest

December Android / iOS Coding Contest

Submit any Android or iOS app. It could be a utility app, a game app, a funny app or just about anything which is innovative and interesting to the viewer!
The best two apps will be declared winners and prizes will be awarded to their authors!

Entries will be judged on the basis of your idea, functionality of the app, and its UX.

How to Enter:

i) Code your app in any mobile technology you like (Android / iOS ).
ii) Choose "December Android / iOS Coding Contest 2013" as the contest name while making your project public.

Prizes to be won:

  • Top two winners will be entered into Programmr's Hall of Fame!
  • Top two winners also get $30 Amazon Gift Vouchers!


  1. All entries must be the the original work of the contestant/submitter (that's you).
  2. Make sure you have updated your profile with valid details (name,email-id,country and profile picture) before taking part in this contest.
  3. Contest ends December 5th 11:59 PM PST

Happy Coding!

Contest Winners!

Thank you very much for your submissions!
We are pleased to announce the winners of this contest:


Hearty congratulations to the winners!
You have been entered into the Programmr Hall of Fame and your prizes are on their way!

Contest Submissions

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This Application allows you to search for all solar eclipses in the 21th centuty by different criterions (e.g. Date, Place or type).

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1124 reads
"Save The Pirate" is an innovative android game application that will entertain people from different backgrounds. It is an android motion sensor game.

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2450 reads
BlueTooth Printer App
This is a Blue Tooth Android printer application. You can print message over a BlueTooth enabled printers.
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697 reads
ShhApp ! Shh! Keep your voice down!
Welcome to the ShhApp! This App is used to demonstrate the use of rsa cryptography to encrypt the message. This application supports to all languages. This app currently supports to encrypted
ShhApp ! Shh! Keep your voice down!

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1269 reads
An app to send SMS at a specified Date & Time. Users can select the recipient from a Contact Picker or can write the number manually.

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