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jQuery lets you make beautifully interactive webapps with just a few lines of code. It is a must-have skill for web developers today.

Programmr's Live Interactive jQuery course is the easiest way to get skilled at jQuery. Join Now to become a jQuery Pro in just 3 weeks!

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6 Live Sessions
25 Step-by-step Videos
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Demo Video: jQuery Fade Effects

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You know you need to learn jQuery. Everyone else has, and you’re falling behind!
No worries; Enroll in our Live Instructor-Led jQuery course and become a great jQuery Programmer in 3 weeks flat!

jQuery is fast becoming a must-have skill for front-end developers.
The purpose of this training course is to enable you to build your own jQuery apps from scratch.
When you're done with this course, you will be able to make your own projects using jQuery, and you will have a solid basis from which to continue your learning.

Who is it for?

You don't need to be an expert at anything. We start at a very basic level and work our way up. You should have a basic understanding of how HTML and CSS works though. If you don't have that you can always learn them along the way, it won't be a problem.

Class Goals

    Review JavaScript basics.
    Get started with jQuery.
    Learn to work with the jQuery Core.
    Learn to handle events with jQuery.
    Learn to create cool effects with jQuery.
    Learn to use jQuery plugins and make them do the magic for you.
    Learn to build Ajax applications with jQuery.

Our expert instructor Akshay Mathur leverages his experience working with cutting-edge Silicon Valley web startups and gives you a thorough walkthrough of all of the most important parts of jQuery. He will leave you with enough skills to create your own sophisticated jQuery apps from scratch.

The batch is limited to only 25 seats, so hurry and book your spot today!

Price: $99.00

Akshay Mathur

Akshay is the Principal Architect and Founding Member at ShopSocially, a Silicon Valley startup that
has raised $1.6 million in funding, and has extended its reach to over 7 million users last year.

Besides all his in-depth knowledge on web technologies, the great thing about Akshay is that he is more of a fun guy who loves to help beginners develop a passion for programming.

In this course, Akshay guides you patiently on how to get started using JQuery, then discusses all the important basics and finally goes on to cover building sophisticated and highly interactive JQuery apps from scratch.

This is your chance to learn from The Guru!

You will do all your coding online. Our award-winning Web-based IDE is like a mini-Eclipse right in your browser. You can also do your exercise in your favorite desktop editor and then simply copy and paste the code into our IDE to see it running.
If you have questions before or during the class, feel free to clear them from the instructor taking the live session. And if you have questions after the class, you can post them on the forum for the instructor to reply within 24 hours.
All the material is accessible for 3 months from the end of the course.
You should have basic skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript. That's enough.
You will receive a digitally signed Certificate of Completion. You can use the certificate on your resume and you can add it to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Section 1 - Setting Up jQuery
     What is jQuery?
     Downloading the Library
     How to Setup jQuery 
    Section 2 - Selectors and Filters
     Overview of Selectors 
     Form Selectors 
     Overview of Filters
     Form Filters 
     Transversing Documents 
     Chapter 2 Lab 
    Section 3 - Manipulating HTML
     Content Manipulation 
     Attribute Manipulation 
     Adding Content 
     Removing Content 
     CSS Manipulation 
     Chapter 3 Lab 
    Section 4 - Events and Binds
     Overview of Events
     Features of Events
     Binding Events 
     Convenience Functions 
     Chapter 4 Lab 
    Section 5 - Animations
     Hiding and Showing 
     fadeIn and fadeOut 
     Custom Animation 
     Chapter 5 Lab 
    Section 6 - Ajax
     Post and Get 
     Chapter 6 Lab 
    Section 7 - Final Lab
     Final Lab Solutions 

  • At the end of your course, you would need to submit your project.
  • Once you have submitted your project, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

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Become a Pro at jQuery!
Building beautiful interactive web applications has never been so easy.
25 step-by-step videos, 6 Live sessions, 40 hands-on exercises and 100 interactive examples. All designed to make you a hands-on coding pro!

Learn Live from An Expert Trainer
Learn by attending live sessions with our jQuery Guru online. Our expert instructor will patiently guide you into starting off with jQuery, help you understand all the basics and then demonstrate in detail how to apply your new-found knowledge to creating real-world applications.
Check out a sample video
Practice, practice, practice!
Practice what you've learnt by solving 40 interactive jQuery code exercises online. This style of practicing will allow you to retain your learnings so you can apply them easily to your own future projects.
Try a sample exercise
Revise what you've learnt - 24x7, Hands-on
Revise by watching step-by-step videos and tinkering with hands-on examples made by our expert teachers. Experience even more a-ha! moments at your own pace.
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Batch sizes are limited to 25 seats, so hurry and book your slot today!

Upcoming Batches
Start Date Duration Class Days Class Time Price
1st May 3 Weeks
Sat, Sun
08:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST
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