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Want to make your own Programmr, Codecademy or HackerRank?

If you're looking to embed live code widgets or assessments into your site, we have just the solution!

The Programmr Web IDE framework enables you to embed interactive code examples, live code challenges and full-fledged projects directly into your website.

Our Clients:


Live Code

Our Web IDE is great for sharing live "runnable" code examples with your users.
Our IDE comes with state-of-the-art features like clickable compiler errors, auto-complete and code folding.

Code Challenges

With our challenges framework, you can publish code challenges on your own site within minutes.
You can then receive detailed results and feedback on the performance of each participant in your tests.

Full-fledged Projects

Allow your users to make cool projects right on your site.
Your users could make projects in console, web or mobile technologies and publish them right on your site. Additionally, other users can then embed these creations anywhere on the web - just like youtube videos - driving even more viral traffic to your site!


$999 / mo

Unlimited widgets: Yes

Types: Examples, Exercises & Projects

Syntax highlighting: Yes

Multiple files: Yes

Console/Web: Yes

Auto complete: Yes

Clickable Compiler Errors: Yes

Code Warnings: Yes

Mobile: Yes

Embed on other sites: Yes

Interested in having any of the above functionality on your site?
Simply send a mail to info AT and we'll get in touch asap!
Happy coding!