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"Programmr's global community of programmers builds games with a political message"


"If you’ve ever done or wanted to build an iPhone app, you know you pretty much need a Mac to get the job done. As of today, we’ve got a brilliant new workaround, and it’s super simple — nothing to install, nothing to download."


"Programmr is like an online practice ground for creating projects, sharing them with friends, participating in contests, and taking online IT classes."

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"Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, is partnering with Programmr, a pioneer in online coding technology, to create the next-generation of interactive platforms for learning how to code, using just a web browser."


"If there’s one site in particular that puts you in the driver’s seat, it’s Programmr. It’ll hold your hand as you enter the real world of coding."


"Programmr users are given the chance to show off and display the product of their learning. The apps can be tinkered with or embedded to other sites in the same way that you can display a video or text on a blog or website."


"John Wiley & Sons Inc. today announces new online learning tools developed with Programmr, a leader in online coding technology, to innovate towards the future of mastering programming skills online."


“The code that authors write about in textbooks is often black-and-white and static. We’re trying to change that. We want students to be able to code with things within the textbook itself..” Rajesh Moorjani, CEO of Programmr, tells EdSurge.


"One of the biggest handicaps when trying to learn a new programming language is the lack of proper tools. These may include having access to a server, installing databases and many other tools before you can even write a single line of code. Programmr changes all that by letting you do everything in your browser window."


"Learning languages like Java, C++, C# and PHP is no longer something that is done within a classroom. Programmr enables people who have no prior knowledge of such languages learn all there is to know using their computers, in the comfort of their own rooms."

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