2014-10-21 Winners of The San Fransisco Open Data Coding Contest

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Posted October 29th, 2014 by adminguy

    Sometime back, we launched the San Fransisco Open Data Coding Contest, and the entries submitted by our community left us absolutely speechless. There were webapps, Android apps, iOS apps, and they were all awesome, they were fantastic !    We are very proud to announce the winners of the competition. You can visit the winning entries below and see for yourself what wonderful work these developers have done.  
First Prize Winner  


Biking Routes: Find the shortest biking routes between 2 locations in SF. Uses a sweet algo to determine shortest path.  


  Second Prize Winner

Graffitti Viewer:
Allows users to view and rate the best graffitti pics clicked by cops while theyre reporting graffiti violations.
Kind of like reddit for graffiti. Bonus marks for the innovative concept :)

Third Prize Winner
SF Crime Predictor:
Uses historical data to predict the next crime location & crime type in SF.

Fourth Prize Winners
Parks Streetview:
See a streetview of all parks and recreational areas in SF

SF Park Mate:
Find the nearest bicycle parking at your destination in SF

Mobile Food Finder:
Quickly find where to get your favorite street food in SF

Hourly Crime heatmap:
View heatmap of crimes in SF based on hour-of-day.

Nearest Park Finder:
iOS app to find parks based on proximity and "crime score".
(Not in appstore yet, but can be installed via testflight)      

Mission Open Source      

At programmr, we are huge supporters of open source projects. We strongly believe that open source is a win-all situation. It helps the programming community at large, it helps the developer - by making her confident in her coding skills, by showcasing her work,  and connected with the larger community of practice - and it also helps students by giving them a body of code to learn from and experiment with.    The SF Open Data Contest is not just any ordinary coding contest. It's a contest where you can win cool prizes and create good karma by contributing to the open source community. This contest has motivated many contributors to take their first steps into the world of open source development. If you are as excited about open source projects as we are, then be sure to stay tuned - we have several more exciting contests lined up for coming months.