Introducing the programmr Job Board

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Posted June 3rd, 2015 by adminguy




I am very excited to announce a new service on programmr - we recently started a job board to help you find your dream job. 

Years back, we build programmr with a passion to help the tech community learn and practice programming. For a newbie, going through steps of installing software and getting the development environment setup, presented a huge and sometimes scary obstacle to actually start coding and practice. We felt that an online IDE it would make it much simpler for budding developers to practice their skills without having to jump through hoops to get their local environments setup. Our IDE allowed developers to simply plug-in and code from wherever they were. Over the years we created exercises in a wide variety of areas to help our community engage in deliberate practice
Most programmers will agree that it's wicked fun to just sit and code. It's a lot like painting - a true artist works to express herself and not for any other purpose. Just like an artist loves putting brush to canvas, we enjoy putting finger to keyboard and code to IDE. But we all aspire to move beyond practice, and want to code in a larger context - contribute to a software that will be used somewhere by someone and make a living in the process. These are some of the things our team at programmr has been thinking about from sometime. We want to help our community move from the stage of practice to the stage of building actual software and awesome careers. We started hosting hackathons  -- like the London Hackathon -- sometime back to help our community work on larger projects, win prizes, and showcase their skills. Now we have taken this endeavor along its logical progression by creating a job board to help you find your dream job.
Check out our job board - we have jobs listed for iOS (here and here), Android as well as Front-End engineers. We are in the process of expanding our job listing, so even if your dream job isn't already listed, be assured, we will try and have it there for you soon. On the other hand if you do see something you like, then why not apply right away? Check out our blog post on how to craft the perfect programmer resume and send it across by clicking on the apply button. Be sure to mention your programmr profile if you want to impress them with the exercises you have done here.